Cupcake Wars Party




More Info

Just Decorating!

Please note that this workshop does not include baking the cakes. Freshly baked cakes will be provided.

Everything Provided!

All toppings, icing and equipment will be provided including a cake board, box and an apron for you to wear on the day.

Take It Home!

After the workshop, take your completed drip cake home to share with all of your family and friends.

Workshop Details

Step One: Bakers arrive and are split into two teams. The rules will then be explained.

Step Two: Each team works together to mix and bake six cupcakes in the flavour of their choice.

Step Three: Whilst the cupcakes are baking and cooling, the two teams set to work on round one.


Round One = Appearance

This round is all about the look of your cupcakes. Using six pre-baked cupcakes, LOADS of decorations and buttercream the two teams will need to present some incredible looking designs. Bakers will be asked to present their cupcakes (however many they chose) using any items on the presentation table.

Step 4: Once the baker's cupcakes have cooled they will move onto round two.

Round Two = Taste

This round is all about the taste of your cupcakes. Using the six cupcakes which you have baked the teams need to present some super tasty cakes. Bakers will have access to lots of buttercream, decorations and flavourings to create their winning designs. 

Step 5: The cupcakes from round one and round two will be judged. A number of prizes will be awarded including "Best Piping Skills," "Tastiest Cupcake," "Most Creative Cupcake" etc.

Step 6: All bakers will get to pick two cupcakes to take home with them to enjoy!


  • Two teams have 2 hours to bake and decorate twelve cupcakes, design a cupcake stand and present them to the judge.

  • The teams will be graded on appearance, taste, creativity, a clean station and presentation.

  • Each team is allowed to ask just three questions during the competition.

  • Bakers get to pick from 4 different cake flavours chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and lemon.

  • Bakers will also have to include two secret ingredients which will be revealed on the day. 

  • The most important rule, have fun!

Bullfinch Lane, Riverhead, Sevenoaks